Selected Publications

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  • Y. Yang and T. M. Hospedales, Multivariate Regression on the Grassmannian for Predicting Novel Domains, CVPR 2016. pdf.
  • Q. Yu, F. Liu, Y-Z. Song, T. Xiang, T. M. Hospedales, C. C. Loy, Sketch Me That Shoe, CVPR 2016. pdf. (Oral!)
  • Y. Zhou, T. M. Hospedales, N. Fenton, When and Where to Transfer for Bayes Net Parameter Learning, Expert Systems with Applications  2016. pdf.
  • Y. Yang and T. M. Hospedales, A Unified Perspective on Multi-Domain and Multi-Task Learning, ICLR 2015. pdf.
  • Q. Yu, Y. Yang, Y-Z. Song, T. Xiang and T. Hospedales, Sketch-a-Net that Beats Humans, BMVC 2015. pdfcode. (Oral, Best paper award!) Press: BBC, Business Insider, Popular Science.
  • Z. Shi, T. M. Hospedales and T. Xiang, Transferring a Semantic Representation for Person Re-Identification and Search, CVPR 2015. pdf.
  • Y. Fu, T. M. Hospedales, T. Xiang and S. Gong, Transductive Multi-view Zero-Shot Learning, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI) 2015. pdf.
  • Z. Shi, Y. Yang, T. M. Hospedales and T. Xiang, Weakly Supervised Learning of Objects, Attributes and their Associations, ECCV 2014. pdf.
  • R. Layne, T.M. Hospedales and S. Gong, Investigating Open-World Person Re-identification Using a Drone, 
    ECCV Workshop on Visual Surveillance and Re-identification, 2014. pdf.
  • T. M. Hospedales, S. Gong and T. Xiang, A Unifying Theory of Active Discovery and Learning, ECCV 2012. pdf. code.